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Suggested Resources

This page will contain brief descriptions of books or video products which I have found personally useful and interesting in the continuing search for insight into things associated with the kingdom of God.  Many of these will have to do with very modern physical science research and the vast and growing body of information shining ever brighter light on the validity of the Bible as a solid source of information, much of which was thousands of years ahead of the physical discoveries.

These items are not listed in any particular order.  In no way do they represent any more than a very small tip of a tip of an iceberg in terms of how much material is available to us today.  As of the writing of this page many, if not all of these items are available on Amazon.  This list will likely get modified and added to over time.

“The Star Of Bethlehem” is a fascinating DVD which was the culmination of a very lengthy investigation into the numerous clues in the New Testament relating to this object in the sky and its involvement with the birth of Jesus.  The author is not a scientist but rather is a lawyer who simply got interested in trying to learn some things about that star.  He incorporated his findings into very modern and sophisticated star charting software.  The result of that work is eye opening.

“The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict” is an updated edition of the original work “Evidence That Demands A Verdict” by Josh McDowell.  The original work goes back into the 1970’s.  This is a powerful one volume (over 600 pages) of material designed to provide solid arguments in favor of the historical validity of the Bible, the reality of the man Jesus, answers to many questions from those desiring to know more about the Bible as well as its critics and much more.  It is not a simple read but will be very valuable to those desiring to have a more solid foundation for their personal witnessing efforts.  Even if you do not read all of it having it in your possession as a readily available reference source for these kinds of questions will make it very worthwhile.

More coming!