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Special Meetings

April 8, 2018 will be the next special meeting at Faith Christian Fellowship in Elkhart, Iowa.  See address below.  This will be part two in a video series on the subject of cancer and major advances from around the world concerning preventing/treatment using techniques under the heading of alternative health.  This is from the series entitled “The Global Quest”.

Our next special meeting will be Sunday February 18 at Faith Christian Fellowship, 118 S. Grant, Elkhart, Iowa starting at 5 PM.  This will begin a series of videos on the subject of cancer.  It will contain significant amounts of very relevant information from medical leaders all over the world who are getting powerful results apart from and in conjunction with the conventional treatment model.

Our next special meeting will be Sunday November  12, 2017 at 5: PM.  It will follow the purpose presented below and be at the same location.

This page will primarily be of interest to two groups of people.  One group will be those who live close enough to the church I pastor that they would be able to attend these special meetings.

The location is:  Faith Christian Fellowship, 186 S. Grant, Elkhart, Iowa  50073.

Elkhart is a small town in Iowa located two miles east of Interstate 35 using exit 96 and is a few miles north of Des Moines, Iowa which is the capitol of Iowa.  Our church is located at the intersection of the two highways passing through town.  Arriving from the interstate on exit 96 would cause you to drive right to the church.

The other group would be people who may well not be able to get to the meetings but would be interested in knowing about the resources we used in any of the meetings such as books that might be referenced or the DVD/s, etc. that were used.

Below is a brief description of these special meetings going back to when they started.  They are held on Sunday afternoon’s, usually late afternoon, and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  They are not regularly scheduled but are generally six to eight weeks apart.

These meetings have had one purpose.  That is to examine the huge and growing mountain of evidence in support of the messages contained in the Bible as being what they claim to be.  This includes materials in the physical science fields of chemistry, biology, physics, astrophysics, cosmology, theoretical mathematics, particle physics, history, ancient cultures, archeology and others.  Many times we view an audio/video presentation by experts in their respective fields.

Materials which were viewed, referenced or otherwise made known to those who attended the past meetings will be shown here so the reader can see what the content was.  When possible product names will be given so that item(s) could be purchased by the reader if they so choose.  Unless otherwise noted the items were purchased from Amazon.

“The Star of Bethlehem” (DVD) is a fascinating story of the personal desire of an individual to try to figure out what the “star” was using the clues given in the four gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus.  It was done by a man who was a lawyer by profession and uses modern star charting software to open up the clues and  vividly show the findings.  This material has been presented by its creator in several countries around the world.  The site has much in the way of additional notes and information.

We watched a video entitled “Metamorphosis” which looks at the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and the unusual things associated with these elegant creatures.  For the first time ever people have been able to see what goes on within the cocoon.  You will be able to see extreme magnification of parts of the insect.  There is a very clear and logically irrefutable case made as to why the life of this insect cannot be the result of generally accepted evolutionary doctrine as a way to explain new species.

Click here to go to the site.