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Coins for Cami Duck Race

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The duck race is an event which Cami’s parents decided to do the first summer after her death.  That race was in 2015.  It has been an annual event since then, happening sometime in the summer.  It takes place in Wyoming where they were living when the accident happened.  The beneficiary of the money raised from the race is the ministry of James and Beverly Rackley.  To see many things relating to their ministry go to

Here is the general information about the duck race.   Below is a copy of the email we sent to people we know and to a couple of lists I have.  Prizes have been and continue to be furnished from businesses and individuals in the Afton, Wyoming and surrounding area as well as people from a distance; in come cases a few states away.  The “winning” ducks are recorded and the prize sent to the winner or given to them if they are present at the race.  Should you wish to participate in any race in the future we thank you very much.

Many, perhaps all of you, know about our last grandchild and the accident that killed her in June 2014. Since then there has been a “coins for Cami” program which includes an annual duck race at the creek where she died. That will be next week, July 28 (I think). Below is the information Stephanie wrote about buying the ducks .

For anyone wanting to send checks to them that is fine. All of the money goes to James Rackley ministries.
The 4th annual Coins for Cami Duck Race will be July 28.

All the money for the past four years has gone to James Rackley Ministries. You can see what they are doing, where, etc. at their site We have known them as ministers and friends since the late 1980’s. If you click on the funding link below you can read the short item Stephanie has posted at the funding page each year.

This funding site does not charge for gifts made but the payment processor will charge some percentage just like any credit card charge you make in a store.

Should you wish to make a contribution to the cause we thank you and so do the Rackley’s. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this message with your inquiry.

Below is the online donation site for those of you that want to donate that way.
$5 per duck
$10 for 3
$165 (village sponsor) – 50 ducks, a sponsors only race, and a Coins for Cami Christmas ornament
(As always, the payment processor charges a fee so if it is equally easy for you, please donate to us directly either at the duck race or send a check to Stephanie Berglund, 71 Sand Creek Dr, Buffalo, WY 82834 made out to Stephanie Berglund. All proceeds go to pay for Vacation Bible School in villages in southern Mexico and Belize through James Rackley Missions. (If you sponsor a village and would like to use that as a donation on your taxes, make your check out to James Rackley Missions but send it to the above address.) Thank you all for partnering with us in the Kingdom!  At the moment the address below is not a live link.  If you wish to use it simply copy it and paste it into your browser.  I have copied and pasted the link and it works.  You will see a page with a picture of Cami and the title “4th Annual Coins For Cami Duck Race”

We have known James since the late 1980’s.  What you are seeing on their website, address shown above, is their ministry operation which started as just an idea in southern Mexico.  It has grown into the things you can see on the site.  Their primary field of ministry is among the descendants of the Mayans and similar groups in southern Mexico, Guatamala, Belize and other parts of Central America.  This involves a great many small villages, many up in the mountains.  Most have small churches.

Their work focuses on the children.  To do that they have developed training programs for adults in those villages who want to work with the children in helping them come to the knowledge of Jesus.  These adults come to the headquarters you see in the photos for several days of training and leave with the supplies for the coming several months, up to a year, for their children’s programs in those churches.  These adults learn new things about the Bible, learn the crafts that are being included in their supplies, fellowship with each other, hear the good things the Lord has done for others, pray together, make their requests known and leave those training sessions inspired and ready to go after the hearts and minds of the kids in their villages.  All expenses are paid for those helpers.  All they have to do is get to the headquarters.  Food, lodging, supplies, etc. are provided.

In addition there are training sessions for pastors in any of those areas.  These meetings, for the pastors and for the children’s workers, are open to any one.  There are now ministers from close to a dozen different denominations attending.  Some have been coming for years.

The duck race comes into this because of Cami’s parents deciding they wanted to do something with this situation to have a good and solid impact on kids, since Cami was such a small child when this happened.  It was an easy choice to pick the Rackley’s ministry since children in Central America are such a big focus of their activities.

They have figured out the cost to provide all of the expenses and supplies for one village church and it is about $160.  They came up with an “adopt a village” program for anyone who wanted to make a specific gift of $160 to provide materials for one village.  The duck race sets out to provide for as many villages as the money raised in the race allow.

People from anywhere can buy one or more ducks at $5, with a reduced price for larger quantities.  The ducks are small plastic ducks such as you see in the duck pond games at amusement parks.  They are separated into heats, put in containers and dumped into the creek where Cami had her accident and died.  The finish line is the bridge where she fell in July 11, 2014.

They travel with the current.  Cami’s sisters get in the water close to the bridge and start tossing out the first ones from each heat.  They are numbered and someone logs in the numbers to know who wins prizes.

The communities of Afton, Alpine and other towns in Star Valley, Wyoming have been supportive of this with many people getting ducks and many of the businesses putting up prizes.  People from several states away also participate in the race.  The first three years are getting close to $10,000 raised.  All of it goes to the Rackley’s ministry operation.

The funeral was held in the recently built civic center in Afton, Wyoming with several hundred people attending in the middle of the day that Wednesday.  The people of the area were very helpful in the midst of all of this.  It is a very pretty area and a great place to do some fun outdoor activities including camping, hiking, mountain trail climbing, seeing different small lakes up in the mountains, hiking up to a periodic spring which is a horizontal geyser with very cold water you can drink straight from it,  doing a ten mile rafting run on the snake river by Alpine that has lots of rapids of various sizes in it, having a couple of places where you can jump off of ledges on that trip that are from fifteen to almost thirty feet above the water (we have done that several times), very gentle raft or tube floating on a very gentle, non rapid section of the Snake river farther north, playing in a very beautiful waterfall at Falls Creek, Idaho (not very far away), trout fishing, etc. etc. etc.  It is a nice place to vacation if you have any interest in the kinds of things I have listed here.

In the near future there will be pictures from the races put on this page so you can see some of what goes on.  I will also include some pictures of the area just so you can see some of the sights.