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Children’s Book Series

The cover of each book is a bit different now.  The illustration is the same on all of them but a different placement of the title and wording has been adopted.  The image now looks like a large framed picture.  The one shown here is the story where she learns the alphabet.  The others will look like this except for the printed information.  As each one becomes available for purchase that information will be placed in the “announcements” section of this website.

You can see what books are available at any time by going to and doing a search for Randol Goodrich.  All books that are available at that time will be presented there.

Voice of Cami Facebook Page

Why consider these books as part of a small child’s library?  They will be useful for anyone looking for a fun and easy way to have some quality interaction with a small child.   They will be a great way to help the small child have fun and learn positive ideas.  They will  introduce the child to the fun of reading and learning; letting the message and characters in the books add a good example for the child.

The book series “Hi, My Name Is Cami” will be an enjoyable experience for a young child and the parent or some other person reading the story to the child.  Let Cami and her adventures help your little one have fun and learn basic ideas and traits which will help them all their lives.

These books will also be very useful to the young person learning to read and help them gain reading skills by reading the books.  Each will have fun illustrations, one or more activities for the child to participate in and a useful character trait the child can be encouraged to follow.

The books will present ideas about good character traits (kindness, manners, etc.).  Some will teach early reading to a small child.  Some will examine making friends.  Holiday themes will be in some.  Learning the first things about money and what to do with it will be included.  Her “adventures” are going to cover a great many useful ideas.

Parents will find these books to be an enjoyable activity for them and their child to do together.  They center around things our Cami did not experience but might have if she had lived to the age of the character in the book.  The experiences Cami has in the books revolve around this little child discovering new things about herself, her family, the world she lives in, and how to grow into a sound, solid, healthy person.

Originally the first of the books was made available in e-book format and then in hard copy.  I have decided to eliminate the e-book and there will be no e-book versions of any of the “Hi! My Name Is Cami” books.  The reason is that these books have various little projects in them for the child to do.  Some involve coloring or writing, etc.  They are set up to be able to do those activities right in the print version.  That cannot be done with the electronic version and would necessitate assembling the materials externally to do the projects which would be much more work. for email contact