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About This Site

Voice of Cami Facebook Page

This page will serve as a general and brief directory for this site.  It will be useful to first time visitors to the site and anyone else wanting a quick review of what is contained on the other pages.

Email contact is available at:  All messages will be read even if not all of them are responded to.

“About Me” will briefly introduce you to the owner/operator of this site and some of the purposes of the site.

“Announcements” will provide information concerning anything relative to this site, its content, purpose, etc. which might be time sensitive or something I want to call your attention to.  They might be short lived and will be removed when they are no longer pertinent.

“Children’s Book Series” will show you a collection of books featuring Cami as a young child and the discoveries she makes about her life and the world around her.  Go to the Children’s Book Series link for information about each book.

“Coins for Cami Duck Race” explains an event which my daughter, the mother of Cami, decided she wanted to do after Cami’s death as a way to not have the tragedy be just a loss but let it focus on doing something productive.

“Suggested Resources” will highlight items of interest relative to the purpose and goals of this site.  This will include books, audio/video  products and any other medium of material that will be useful to the activity of this site.  These will be resources other than the books and related items I am producing.  These will be products I have found useful in the goal of searching out the answers to the big questions of life.

“Voice of Cami-The Book” is written by Randol Goodrich.  It uses a fictional setting with real people, past and present, to examine some of the really big questions people have been pondering for thousands of years.  Read the complete first chapter of the book at this page.

“Voice of Cami-The Poem” is a poem written by Randol Goodrich over a period of several weeks after the funeral of Cami.  It begins at the start of her life going to her death and relates it to the death of Jesus and what He secured for us.  It concludes with how that work by the Lord makes the eternal future of everlasting life in the kingdom of God a reality.

“Who is Cami” will provide the story of this little girl and how she figures into much of the publishing which will be done by us.