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Who Is Cami

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Cami (Camille) is our youngest and last grandchild.  She was born in March 2013 and died in an accident in June 2014.  Her funeral was on our 42nd wedding anniversary.  I presented the message at that Wednesday morning service.  A large percentage of the Wyoming town the family lived in was in attendance at that service that morning.

Why use the name, life and death of a toddler as a basis and identifying sign for a website and publications?  The death of small children is not rare by any means as thousands die every day from many causes.

It is in fact that very commonness of such events that is the reason.  Many have experienced something like that but do not know what to think or do after it happens.  Some people experience a degree of paralysis after such a tragedy that sometimes stays around the rest of their lives.  And it is not just children but the fact that death is universal for all to participate in.  This is where questions about “life beyond the grave” come into play.

While we are not at all happy with the event we have the good fortune of being blessed with the information necessary to know where she is and what it takes for anyone else to go where she is; the capitol city of the kingdom of God sometimes just referred to as Heaven.  That may sound like a tall order but it is definitely within the grasp of anyone to come to a certainty of outlook for the future after this life.

We know all too well that many people are missing that key information.  Many people have experienced the loss of someone close; not necessarily a baby but anyone that is important.  There is no shortage of ideas as to what life after death means.  And multitudes do not believe there is any such thing as an afterlife.  Asking a few simple and very important questions is important.  What do I believe about this business of dying and what, if anything lies beyond?  Why do I believe what I believe?  Am I willing to consider other aspects of the subject?

I decided to use this little girl as the framework to bring information we have collected over several decades into a project designed to benefit anyone interested in these kinds of very big subjects.  This project began with considering the event we had just experienced, in the very untimely and tragic ending of the life of this toddler, and doing so in light of things we have learned from the word of God; the Bible.  I began collecting bits and pieces of ideas as they came to mind on the way home from the funeral.

That turned into a poem and you can read it at the link Voice of Cami-The Poem.  Over the next few weeks I began working on a book.  It would take the form of being fictional with our daughter, Stephanie (mother of Cami) having an unusual experience often referred to in the Bible as a vision.  I desired to use that format to attempt to illustrate earth-bound ideas about the unlimited realm that the Lord invites everyone to enter by receiving the salvation He is offering.  She will have a variety of experiences in this story, see and hear from many people from history in the Bible, be around Cami in the form she is in after leaving here and going to heaven, and learn many things about hugely important subjects.

The goal is to try to offer insight that we have been collecting for the past more than four decades of study into the these subjects.  They are certainly not the last words on anything.  I hope they will spark imagination, wondering and a thirst to know more about these eternal subjects.  It is the highest and most powerful quest anyone can embark upon in this life.