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Please find two email addresses at the bottom of this page for your convenience.  And THANK YOU for taking a look at the site.  I hope you will find something that interests you.

Is the present life all there is?  Is there life after death?  Are there real reasons to have hope for a future life?  Are you coping with the loss of a child?  What lies beyond the grave?  Can we know anything about an afterlife now?  Does that hope offer help in this present life?  Do we, as individuals, have a place in the grand scheme of things or are we simply a biological oddity in this universe?  Is there a God?  If so can we know God?  Do we need a God or can we just “go it alone” and do just as well?  If there is a God does He know us or have any interest in us?  How do you search for God?  Can a reasonable person apply accepted investigation skills and methods to the search for insight about a physically unseen God and get results?  Is there any way to find any intellectual satisfaction when considering the enormous collection of events which can best be put under the heading of “the absurdities of life”?

These questions, and others like them, represent subjects I hope to offer help in answering, or at least help in pointing the inquiring person in the right direction.  They are not light weight ideas and issues and should not be pushed to the back of the closet with the idea of looking at them in the future.  Helping in the quest for this kind of information and knowledge is the purpose for this site.  It uses the image of our galaxy to try to convey the scope, magnitude and grandeur of this business we call life.  The above questions and other similar questions have been on the minds of people as long as there have been people.  My hope is that this site and the materials that will be added to it as it expands in the future will be a helpful resource to those who are interested in such questions.  If these materials help someone ask powerful questions about these powerful ideas and begin to give some thought to them, then it is a great success!

We are in the process of producing a variety of books on many subjects relating to these big questions as well as subjects of a very down-to-earth nature which relate to life here and now at practical day to day levels.  They will be useful to a very broad and diverse population of people.  My personal study and investigation into these and related subjects now spans more than four decades.  During a very large part of that time I have been and continue to be the pastor of a small town church.

The picture you see is one of Cami (Camille) during her first birthday in March 2014.  To read more about her and why her name is prominent on this site and in my books please go to the “Who Is Cami” link in the menu which is located under the picture of the galaxy on each page of this site.

The “me” associated with this website is Randol Goodrich.  I am the owner of the site and manager of its content.  I am also Cami’s grandfather; the father of her mother.  The content of this site is from me.  It is not produced by automated systems or ghost writers.  Books which will be introduced on this site will be available through Amazon and possibly other outlets as well.      is for general email contact.  All messages will be read.  Replies will be determined email by email.  This address may also be used to ask to be notified when new books are becoming available.

All materials on this site, including any books and any other productions being presented through this website, are protected by copyright.